What We Do

New Person Ministries

     For more than a decade, New Person Ministries has been working with men returning to society from incarceration.  With locations in Berks and Lancaster counties, we have served more than 500 men as of 2018.   We are a Christ-centered organization, not simply  faith based and this belief drives us toward those on the margins in the work of redemption.
     As an organization, we do not turn anyone away based on the nature of their offense.  We evaluate every applicant on an individual basis.  Our desire has been to respond to work with those who have no other options and because of this, most of our residents have been convicted of a sexual crime.

     For men who have been convicted of sexual offenses, it can prove extremely difficult to find a place to go after prison.  They are faced with restrictions on where they can live and work and often the New Person Center is the only place available for them.  We receive many calls from loved ones who are desperate because for one reason or another have them at their house and have had no success in finding alternative housing.  Other returning citizens have no family at all to help them.
     Those 500 men all have faces and stories to tell.  Throughout the years, we have be privileged to witness lives transformed by Jesus Christ.  We get to see those who were dead raised back to life!
     New Person Ministries is proud of our success rate.  Out of the 500 men who have gone through our program in the past decade, only around 12 men have gone back to prison for committing new crimes and most of these are drug related.  That is a 3% new crime rate.  Three of out 500 have committed new sexual crimes and only one has had a hands on victim.  Our overall recidivism rate (including parole violations) is around 19%.  This is based off our own record keeping.



Our Focus

  • Transitional housing.
    We are a 3-4 month residential program that functions as a stepping stone between prison and completely independent living.

  • Spiritual health.
    We have daily Bible studies and church attendance is also required.

  • Case management.
    We have an on-site case manager who assists with questions about social services and parole.
    The case manager also looks to assist residents with housing as they move on from the New Person Center.

  • Alumni activities.
    Residents are encouraged to stay connected with NPM after they leave.
    We have social activities in an attempt to keep the men connected with each other.